Sump pump failure often due to human error

2023-04-14 10:40:09 By : Mr. Jerry Zhou

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After heavy rains led to many flooded basements throughout Louisville and southern Indiana during weekend storms, many homeowners are now blaming water damage on stalled sump pumps.

"We've been out replacing sump pumps and working on sump pumps," began John Dillman, "you know, pumping out basements." Butterfly Check Valve

Sump pump failure often due to human error

Dillman owns AAA Plumbing in New Albany, Indiana and said service calls have been pouring in nonstop since weekend rains led to flash flooding outdoors, and in.

Over in Louisville, it's a similar story.

"A lot of people call with, you know, water in their basement," said Kevin Wharton, Paul Davis Restoration Marketing Director.

Wharton said once on site, crews realize the sump pump is often not the root of the flooding problem.

"One of the most common failures we find is somebody's unplugged the pump," said Wharton.

If not that, Wharton said it's often improper installation.

"If that back flow valve or that check valve in installed incorrectly," began Wharton, "the water won't be able to pump out."

Dillman said it's also common for a sump pump to fail because of a loss of power - something many homeowners do not plan for.

"Have a backup pump," began Dillman. "I prefer the water backups because you don't have to worry about a battery going dead."

When it comes to sump pumps, both contractors said you get what you pay for, but consumers can find quality pumps made in Louisville at the Zoeller manufacturing plant on Cane Run Road.

"Zoeller is actually one of the good manufacturers that are here in Louisville," said Wharton.

"The pump that every customer gets has been 100 percent tested," said Jason Nett, Zoeller International Marketing Manger. "Every pump is pressure tested, submerged in water, and ran to ensure that it performs to the standards that we set within our engineering department."

Buy a quality pump and test it before you need it. It's recommended you test your sump pump check valves at least twice a year in addition to making sure your gutters are clear and down spouts are working properly.

According to contractors, following that simple advice will help ensure wet weather remains outside instead of seeping into your home.

Sump pump failure often due to human error

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